Day 5 – A Letter From Winnie

October 4, 2007

This is a letter from my Winnie. On the top it says, “Please Rocky, before reading this letter, read this letter when you are not with anybody. Now read it.

Dear Rocky,

How are you? I hope you are fine.

I wanted to tell you thank you for the work you have done for us. I am so grateful and I am so happy in my heart. Because in school, I was borrowing a pen and yesterday you gave us some pens and I am so happy. Even for the books, the toothpaste, toothbrush and even clothes.

Rocky and Winnie

May God bless you for the work that you and Juli have done for us. May God bless you so, so much even when you are going to go to your country. May God bless you, but I am going to feel very bad. I will feel so lonely with no Rocky. I will always cry because of you. I love you so much, with all my heart. Even now, I love you as God loves me – with his whole heart.

Please, when you are going to your country, before going, you will give me your email and your number phone. And when you are going to your home you say hi for your children and your husband and your many relatives.

From Winnie to Rocky, my Mother in God. Have a nice day at St. Monica’s. Good bye.

Lots of love to Rocky.

And that is from my Winnie.

17 Responses to “Day 5 – A Letter From Winnie”

  1. Jane T. said

    What a wonderful gift Winnie has given. She gave what she had to give–her words of thanks and her feelings about Juli and Rocky. I love the way her faith shines through. When R and J return home she and the others will help us all know why this is a 24/7, 365 concern that we all need to work on in our own way. We can’t all go–but we have gifts that we can give–like Winnie. Thanks for sharing her letter with with us.

  2. Rochell said

    Wow, how powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Desiree said

    Well more morning tears are shed. This just confirms what I have known all along. Alittle love and care goes along way.

    You will forever change these girls Rocky!!! Thank god!

  4. JWT said

    She was giddy with excitement about notes the girls are leaving them.

  5. Marissa said

    I cried from the first sentence. It is truly amazing how easy it is to have an impact on someones life yet most are too consumed by their own lives to reach out to those in need. Companionship, love, a kind word, a warm embrace, a few pairs of underwear, a pen. How small these things seem to us under normal circumstances. Thank God for people like Rocky & Juli who are willing and able to give of themselves in this way.

  6. Isela said

    Que pretty!

  7. Tracy Etheridge said

    I was crying after the first 2 words. It is amazing how much you have touched these children. Thank you Rocky for all that you do. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing this wonderful letter with me.

  8. Amy said

    Wow~simply amazing and SO touching!!!

  9. JWT said

    I did not get the right photo when I was transcribing this post. A photo of Winnie is now there! Rocky is in love with her!

  10. maria junesstar said

    u better belive that tears are running in my face now!!!!!!!
    OHHH that was one of the most beautiful words that i read in my life, WORDS FROM THE HEART OF A INOCENT CHILD….
    Rocky, thanks for all the love, i dont know you in person yet, but I KNOW UR BIG HEART!
    the power of one (you) can change hearts, give hope, I NOW CAN IMAGINE an ARMY OF WOMANS! i for sure want to be part of ur army!

  11. maria junesstar said


  12. maria junesstar said

    I JUST READ IT AGAIN, im crying again!

  13. Ines said

    I’m sitting here crying and don’t know how you’re doing it Rocky – you are being such an incredible influence on these girls.

  14. […] Winnie, the little girl from the last post. She must have had it all this time. I have never felt a connection with a child like this […]

  15. Jill said

    That is sooo sweet and borught tears to my eyes! Im so glad that lives are being touched and changed for the better! I can feel how sad they will be though when she has to leave. It is precious!

  16. Stephanie said

    I am at work and crying reading through all these posts. They’re beautiful and inspiring. Children are such precious gifts. They are honest and wise. Bless you Rocky.

  17. […] Winnie, the little girl from the last post. She must have had it all this time. I have never felt a connection with a child like this […]

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