A Mother’s Love

October 8, 2007

I believe that the power of touch is amazing.

Girls at St. Monica’s Orphanage in KenyaThese girls, my girls, long for it. The women here told us that no past volunteers have loved and accepted them like we have. I believe it is because we are Mothers.

A Mother’s love is powerful.
These girls crave it.

Juli and I can’t stand alone for too long before children surround us, just to be near us, to wrap their arms around us and hold our hands. This is the easy part of the job. I can do this all day long.

My friends, I hope some of you will join me on my next journey back to Kenya.
I hope you will love these girls just as much as I do.

7 Responses to “A Mother’s Love”

  1. Myla said

    My Mama taught me about the power of a mother’s love. She always showered it on my sister and me. But she also shared it with her students, our friends and family as well. Anyone that knows my mom can say that this is true.

    I know how lucky these children are having Rocky and Juli there. They will be better because of the affection they receive from two women that are able to share themselves completely. The love that they have is natural and free. Not many people can say they have ever truly experienced that kind of love, even from their own mothers. These children are truly experiencing something special.

    I would love to make the commitment to take a journey with you Rocky. I told your husband on Saturday that we can always come up with reasons why we can not do things but those days are done. My new answer is, “Why not?”… My man is also 100 percent in support of me doing this. He saw what Underwear for Africa did for me; so he can only imagine how excited and fulfilled I would be actually being there in person. Count me in.

  2. lori said

    Rocky, I think we all already love these girls and can’t wait to be with them.

  3. tarynjade said

    you know i will be there. as lori said, we love them already. i think of them all day, i look at their pictures often, and i cant wait to hold them in my arms as well! i’m so very excited and anxious for “next time”!

  4. Shoefreak (Cathy) said

    The ultimate gift!

  5. Desiree said

    Rocky – those smiles speak a million words. You should be so proud for what you have been able to acomplish in such a short period of time.

    I hope to join you on your next trip. It would be an honor and a privledge.

  6. amy said

    My heart is happy for you right now! I hope I can hug them for you in January! I truly do! They all seem so amazing!

  7. tracy said

    I have fallen in love with these girls the minute you left.. You know that I will do my best to be there.. Just tell me when and I will start planning. I can’t wait until the next time you leave as I will be sitting with you.

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