Today is day 10 in Kenya, but only day 8 at St. Monica’s.

Jackline, Irene And AnnThe power has been cut off 9 times. Today is the longest we have been without electricity. It has been 8 hours now and night is drawing near. I am grateful that I chose a hand crank flashlight. It has come in very handy.

Last night the girls were doing their homework by candlelight and by flashlight.

The drive to succeed here is very strong. There are 6 girls graduating from primary school, that is 8th grade. High school should be the next step. Unfortunately, high school requires tuition and Father Augustine can only send one girl to high school next year.

The cost is approximately $700 for the year for tuition, room and board, and $50 for the books. That is nothing to us. $750 for the year! I know that working together, we can make this happen. But because the cost is so high for the Father, he can only afford to send one.

Jane, Mary And MaureenSo the girls are fighting.

They’re not literally fighting. They are fighting for that spot. Whoever has the highest scores will be the one chosen. So that is why the drive is high. That is why the desire is so strong. The drive to succeed, to get that one spot, keeps them moving forward without complaint as they do their homework by candlelight.

Inspiring, don’t you think?

The girls had never had green beans.

So, we went out and bought some green beans, corn, good corn, and beef. Then Juli made her Mammaw’s famous green beans. And, kids will be kids… some of them liked it, some of them didn’t. But they were all thankful! 🙂