Razor Blades

October 10, 2007

When I think of razor blades, I usually think about shaving my legs.

Here, razor blades are used for many reasons. The two that I would never have guessed are to sharpen pencils and trim nails.

Yes, you read that correctly – sharpening pencils and trimming nails.

Our first night here, the girls were doing their homework before bed and I saw Ruth, one of the youngest here, sharpening her tiny little pencil with a razor blade. “That’s crazy, ” I said to her. So I took the razor out of her hand and went straight to my room. Luckily, one of you fabulous Moms had donated pencil sharpeners and I ripped open the box in search of them.

I grabbed a box of new pencils and started sharpening. Each girl was given two brand new, sharpened pencils. I told them they were not to be sharpening their pencils with razors any more. I tried to locate a shelf-mounted sharpener here, but I couldn’t find one. I’ll have to wait until I get back the states.

Girls at St. Monica’s Braiding HairNow to cutting finger nails.

Yes, this is how the young girls here trim their fingernails. I was first told this when I asked Joy, who is 10 or 11, how she got a cut on her finger. She told me, “a razor blade.” “A what,” I replied!?!

She then began to tell me how the girls cut their nails using razors. Enough said!

That day I went to the store and bought five nail clippers for them. Easy fix for a crazy problem.

3 Responses to “Razor Blades”

  1. Amy said

    WOW~I had NO idea! Again~I repeat myself…such simple things that we take for granted here in the US! Count me in for helping in any and every way that I can!!

  2. Some of the problems are going to be simpler to fix than others. I can’t wait to sit down with Rocky when she gets home to sort out the priorities.

  3. Shoefreak (Cathy) said

    Rocky ~ I have a friend that trims his nails with an exacto knife. I thought a grown man doing it was crazy, but this is just absurd. We’re going to need another “shopping list” when you get back so we can get them all the things they need!

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