It’s Just The Beginning

October 19, 2007

Our last night at Saint Monica’s was an emotional one. All of us were crying. The girls could not control their emotions and they found their faces buried in their hands. It was so sad and beautiful all at the same time.

It’s amazing what happened during those 14 days at Saint Monica’s.

Our lives changed.

What all of us have done to change the lives of those girls and to the hundreds of others that we donatedJulie And Rocky with girls at Saint Monica Children's Home pencils, medical supplies and of course underwear. All the donations meant so much. The girls felt kindness, they felt valued, and they felt loved.

And it was all so very simple.

We got on a plane and opened our hearts. It is truly that simple. My goal was to do my best and try to change the life of one child. But with all your help and support, we were able to change the lives of all the girls. They kept telling us again and again that no one has ever shown this kind of love and generosity. And this is just the beginning.

What I have learned is that all it takes is an open mind and a loving heart. It can happen in your own home, in your neighborhood, in your own country, or it could take you to a part of the world that you have only dreamt about. If you open your heart you can learn so much about life and about yourself.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of these girls lives. I’m the lucky one. I’m the one that received more than I could have ever imagined. My work has only begun.

This is just my beginning.