Hearing Their Voices

January 19, 2008

I talked to the girls. For the past three weeks I have been talking to someone there almost daily. I am so worried about the happenings in Kenya right now.

So I needed to talk to them. I needed to talk to Winnie. I did. I thank God that I get to talk to her or Joyce weekly.  I am trying to start the process to bring them here on a student visa. Until then, I will be sponsoring them to go to a better school.

They all sang to me. It’s like hearing angels. I miss them. I wish I could get on a plane right now to see them. Virgin airlines have canceled flights to Kenya as of today. I know that means that things will get worse. I have no idea what to do.

I guess I will just do my best to move forward with getting Winnie and Joyce here. I will pray. I will work. That is all I can do.

My Heart Hurts

January 7, 2008

My heart hurts for the country. My heart hurts for its people. My heart hurts for its future. I am talking about Kenya. The country erupted last week when the results of their elections were announced. You can read what has happened in Kenya and the violence that followed the election here.I am not going to recap or have any political opinions in this post.

All I do know is that I was scared. I was very scared for my girls at Saint Monica’s. I have been in daily contact with them since the violence erupted. Everyone is safe and school has been postponed for a week. I am just hoping that I will be able to go back in April. Being this far from them during this time is hard. I wish I could help. Our own Amy was scheduled to go to Nairobi next week, but her trip has been postponed. She will tell you her story soon.

Please take a few minutes today and the weeks that follow and read CNN and BBC to keep yourself updated on the news from Kenya.

Rocky Sig